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The Collective

The Collective

The Collective

The Collective creates positive change  by celebrating cultural diversity in the workplace, and lobbying senior management to advance the progression of ethnically diverse people in the organisation.

The Collective was set up in 2017 off the back of the company Caerus research, which assessed the lived experiences of ethnically diverse employees at Channel 4 n comparison to their White counterparts. The report gave explicit recommendations on how to improve the negative narrative that was revealed. Through the creation of a safe space, regular meetings and engaged Executive sponsors, The Collective has very quickly become a positive force for good, with no signs of slowing down.

The Collective’s impact has touched every part of Channel 4’s business. They have given a loud voice to matters relating to Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnically diverse employees and set the scene for meaningful change to take place through education and action. 

The Collective endorse strategic action like:

  • Anti-racist organisation commitment
  • Ethnic pay gap reporting
  • Tracking top 100 earners
  • Black History Month awareness
  • Stop Asian Hate awareness
  • And most recently the Black To Front Project

There are gatherings and monthly extended meetings, as well as collaborations across departments and with other networks to raise awareness. The group is a rich representation of cultural diversity in the business and much welcome allies.