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One department, 14-36 months, and a Level 2, 3, 4 or 6 qualification in a related subject at the end of it. You’ll learn who’s who, what’s what and where your department sits in the overall scheme of things. A range of in-depth projects will immerse you in the detail and count towards your qualification. You will need to impress us with your passion for your chosen area and have the potential to stand out from the crowd. 

Applications are now closed. 

Thank you for applying. We are currently shortlisting through all applications and will be in touch soon.

Visit our YouTube page to find out more about our apprenticeships, including what the application process looks like, and top tips from past and current apprentices!

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What to do next

The application

All you have to do is convince us why you’re right for us and we’re right for you. It’s a chance for us to get to know each other and for you to learn more about what’s on offer.  

*If you’re unable to make an online application please contact the team for some help at

For more information please visit our support page and hear from our Worksplace Disability Apprentice, Elvis.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline to apply?

Monday April 29th. The applications will close at midnight, please do not leave applying till the last minute, as if you do not apply before the deadline we cannot accept your application. 

Can I apply to more than one role?

Yes, you can however, please do only apply to the roles you are really interested in.

When will the apprenticeship start?

January 2025

I am not 18 can I apply?

You need to be 18 by the apprenticeship start date.

Can you help me relocate?

We can help you relocate for the role; with our relocation policy we can cover your Deposit and first months rent. We can also cover any travel you do for property viewings.

Do I need to answer the additional questions?

Yes, if you don’t answer the additional questions we cannot consider your application.

I have a uni degree can I apply?

If you have a degree, we recommend you take a look at our other entry level roles such as the Production Training Scheme or Content Creatives which are more aimed at degree holders. The degree you hold is much more of a higher level than the apprenticeship qualification.

What level apprenticeships will be on offer?

Level 2 and 3.

When will the interviews take place?

The first stage, virtual interviews will take place in July.  The second stage interviews, which will be face to face in one of our office locations, will take place either in September or October.  If you have holiday booked during any of these dates, we will aim to make it work and be flexible where possible.

Any questions?

Get in touch:


Applications are now open!

What are the three application stages?

Written application (deadline: April 22)

What next...?

First stage (virtual) interview (July)

Final stage F2F interview (September/October)


Start date: January 2025

Employee profiles

Image of Ashanti Barrett

Ashanti - Past Talent Apprentice, now Talent Advisor

My favourite thing about working at Channel 4 is how inclusive, friendly and welcoming everyone is. No matter what department you are in, everyone is always helpful and willing to have a conversation. I would encourage anyone considering applying to an apprenticeship just to go for it! Do not doubt yourself and overthink, the best thing you can do is apply and show your passion because if you don’t you will always ask yourself ‘what if’.

Image of Amy Ruffhead

Amy - All4 Product Marketing Apprentice

The highlight of my apprenticeship so far has been the people I have met, everyone at C4 is friendly and keen to help, a lot of the projects I work on are a collaborative effort with different departments and it’s great to get insight into how the business works as a community. It has also been lovely to meet other apprentices and communicate with people from different backgrounds and departments.

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