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Work Experience

Work Experience

Work Experience

If it’s your dream to work in TV, this is your chance to experience it for real. We have 20+ places available to anyone aged over 18 who can show us they have a real passion for our industry. Hands-on experience and the opportunity to gain an insight into how we work await those who are successful.

Here’s how a week's work experience at Channel 4 works:

Day 1

Day one kicks off with an induction with 4Talent and useful office survival guide.

Day 2-4

Days two, three and four will give you the inside track on what it’s like to work for one of the many departments that keep us up and running. You’ll also get to work on your very own brief so you’ll have something meaningful to flesh out your CV.

Day 5

Day five you’ll share what you’ve learned with the rest of the work experience crew. The people who sit in the interviewer’s chair will share with you what they’d like to hear from you – whether it’s on your application form or during an interview. You will then wrap up any last minute work with your departments and say your thanks and goodbyes! 

Each year 4Skills invites passionate individuals to participate in work experience at the channel. We have opportunities available suited to those who are passionate about working TV and want to get their foot in the door of a UK broadcaster. We want to make our work experience opportunities open to all, therefore if you are successful it will not cost you a PENNY to take part. We will cover all travel and lunch costs, and hotel and dinner expenses costs for those based outside of London.

We will be offering opportunities across our office locations which are London, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow, and have work experience in a number of departments such as 4creative, 4Sales, Marketing, Legal, Press, Audience Insights and more!

Please note we only offer work experience on the weeks advertised on our website. Work experience will next be available in 2021, more information will follow later in the year. 


Legal Work Experience 2021

Channel 4’s Legal and Compliance Team is partnering with Aspiring Solicitors to launch an exciting new mentoring scheme and two work experience schemes. The purpose of this scheme is to help improve diversity in the legal and compliance sector. The Team is based in London and Leeds and consists of lawyers and compliance advisors. It advises the corporation on legal, regulatory compliance and ethical matters in the making and broadcast of programmes, online and promotional content on all Channel 4 platforms.

Candidates should have an interest in pursuing a career as a lawyer or compliance advisor in the media sector. This is a truly unique opportunity for diverse and aspiring media lawyers and compliance advisors, and we recommend that you apply as soon as possible. The deadline to apply is Sunday 2nd May 2021 at 6pm. The online application is available through Aspiring Solicitors at this link:

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