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Jobs at Channel4

There is nowhere quite like Channel 4. Not in the way we entertain and stimulate our audience, nor in how we encourage and inspire the people who help us deliver for them. Publicly owned yet commercially funded, we occupy a unique place in the UK's media landscape. This is where you can start to change it, be part of it or simply explore it.


Channel 4 is a broadcaster with a purpose. We're defined by our unique public service remit. Part of this means nurturing the talent that will help us fulfil it. So doing what you do best will enable us to do what we do best: creating innovative programmes and content that reflect the UK’s richly diverse cultural landscape. We’re here to stimulate debate; to champion alternative points of view; and to inspire change in people’s lives. Whoever you are, whatever you do, you’ll be part of a proudly British Public Service Broadcaster. You’ll be part of who we are. So whether you’re just starting out in our industry or wondering where you can go next, we’ll happily be part of your journey.

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Nurturing talent is part of our purpose. It's a duty we not only take seriously but embrace with open arms. Creativity. Originality. Inventiveness. Energy. These are the hallmarks of our output. They are the things that keep us fresh. So we'll be looking for them in you.

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About Channel 4

We’ve been a part of our audiences’ lives since 1982. 38 years later we’re still going strong, finding new ways to surprise, entertain and stimulate viewers. We’re driven by the same purpose and desire to be different. Here’s where you can find out more about what makes us tick.

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