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Work Experience

Work Experience

Work Experience

If it’s your dream to work in TV, this is your chance to experience it for real. We have 20+ places available to anyone aged over 18 who can show us they have a real passion for our industry. Hands-on experience and the opportunity to gain an insight into how we work await those who are successful.

Here’s how a week's work experience at Channel 4 works:

Day 1

Day one kicks off with an induction with 4Talent and useful office survival guide.

Day 2-4

Days two, three and four will give you the inside track on what it’s like to work for one of the many departments that keep us up and running. You’ll also get to work on your very own brief so you’ll have something meaningful to flesh out your CV.

Day 5

Day five you’ll share what you’ve learned with the rest of the work experience crew. The people who sit in the interviewer’s chair will share with you what they’d like to hear from you – whether it’s on your application form or during an interview. You will then wrap up any last minute work with your departments and say your thanks and goodbyes! 

In 2019 4Talent will be inviting even more passionate individuals to participate in work experience at the channel. We will have four opportunities available suited to those who are passionate about working TV and want to get their foot in the door of a UK broadcaster. We want to make our work experience opportunities open to all, therefore if you are successful it will not cost you a PENNY to take part. We will cover all travel and lunch costs, and hotel and dinner expenses costs for those based outside of London.

Our first work experience opportunity will take place on the 15th & 16th April, open to 20 people who are 16+ and looking to find out more about the TV industry, and the departments who work behind the scenes to keep the channel running. This would be great for you if you aren’t quite sure what area of TV you would like to work in, but want to find out more about the different areas of the industry. Applications are now closed. 

We will then be hosting a work experience day in our Manchester Office, talking all things 4Sales, and what the sales team do, how they work and the different opportunities available in the sales team at Channel 4. The date for this is TBC and will be updated as soon as possible, and we will be inviting 20 people to take part.

Our third work experience opportunity of 2019 will take place from 20th – 24th May and is a fantastic chance for you to experience a week in a real department at Channel 4. A range of departments are up for grabs, for example 4Creative, Sales, 4Talent and Commissioning and more! The full list will be released when applications open. You must be 18+ to apply for this opportunity. Applications are now closed. 

We will be hosting work experience in the following departments:

  • Catering - Catering is the department responsible for providing food services to Channel 4 staff and visitors.  We look for highly motivated and engaging team members who love people and food above all.
  • Workspace - Our Workspace team look after all the facilities and services within the Channel 4 headquarters building in Victoria.  The department provides and manages services such as security, engineering, reception, cleaning, helpdesk, postroom and events. 
  • Acquisitions - Our team source content and maintain relationships with the TV market, as well as negotiating and managing the acquisition of the best international TV to supplement our commissions across the portfolio of Channel 4 channels.
  • Factual Entertainment - Channel 4 Factual Entertainment is home to a wide range of award-winning and ground-breaking constructed reality, popular documentaries, and factual features shows includingThe Undateables, Gogglebox, and Travel Man. Channel 4 Factual Entertainment tells us something about the world – but crucially, it’s told in an entertaining way.
  • Press/Marketing - Press & Publicity are responsible for generating and shaping coverage of Channel 4 content, talent, corporate reputation, corporate initiatives, partnerships, executives and commercial performance by all external media, but chiefly the press. The marketing department takes overall responsibility for promoting Channel 4's programmes and channel brands (including each of the digital channels). 
  • Technology - The Technology department is charged with establishing, monitoring and maintaining information technology systems and services to support the ongoing growth and success of Channel 4.
  • Agency Sales - The team responsible for generating revenue for the Channel, this includes selling airtime to brands, sponsorship deals, commercial development and digital campaigns. 4Sales' is an industry leading team with a reputation for innovative, creative solutions including holistic brand partnerships working with Channel 4 talent and programme brands – and access to Channel 4's unique audience insight and first party viewer data.
  • Sales in our Manchester Office
  • Corporate Legal - The Corporate Legal Department at C4 is responsible for negotiating and contracting deals for all non-programme related areas (so excluding Commissioning and Acquisitions) including Corporate, Commercial & Business Development, IT, Procurement, Corporate Services, Audience, Technology and Insight, 4 Creative and Strategy.
  • Legal & Compliance - Channel 4’s Legal & Compliance team plays a key role in enabling our producers to make and broadcast the most challenging and creative programmes and online content. This award winning team is at the forefront of advising and defending Channel 4’s unique brand of programmes. 
  • 4creative - 4Creative is the in-house creative and production resource for Channel 4. The team produces and directs programmes, trails, brand identities, title sequences, posters, press ads, and books online activity.
  • 4Talent - 4Talent's role is to support people like you to build great futures in the media industry. People from different backgrounds and walks of life. People at different stages of their careers. People who want to be part of our evolving multi-platform business. This is an opportunity to support other people with career development as they enter the industry.
  • Channel 4 News - Working with the team that makes Channel 4 News will involve shadowing some of the country’s journalism and technical experts. Like the news, no one day is the same and you can expect that to be your experience too. 
  • Corporate Relations - Corporate Relations is responsible for managing all the channel’s relations with the Government, Parliament, regulators and other stakeholders in the political and corporate worlds. We seek to ensure that any decisions taken by the Government, Parliament or the regulator are in the best interest of Channel 4. We also keep the above groups informed about Channel 4 programmes and hold events.
  • Film4 - Film4 is Channel 4 Television’s feature film division. Film4 develops and co-finances films and is known for working with the most distinctive and innovative talent in UK and international filmmaking, both new and established. Please note this experience isn't going to be on a set, but will be office based. This work experience will take place on the 17th - 21st June, as the May week falls towards Cannes. 

Finally on the 29th August we will host a one day experience of our Sales department in our London office, giving 20 candidates to chance to find out what our Sales team in London does and participate in workshops with members of our Sales team. Applications will open on the 8th July.

To sign up for alerts so you are notified when our work experience cohorts open please click here. 

If you have any questions regarding eligibility, email us at

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