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Press & Publicity

Press & Publicity

Press & Publicity

Driving viewers to watch Channel 4’s programmes and content; developing the reputation of the Channel 4 brand; making our presenters and on-and-off-screen talent famous; protecting Channel 4’s and our partners’ reputation; helping amplify the innovative work of our sales, commercial and marketing teams; stimulating debate around our content. These are just a few of the vital roles the Press & Publicity team plays at Channel 4.

Press & Publicity are responsible for generating and shaping coverage of Channel 4’s programmes and content, our talent, corporate reputation, corporate and commercial initiatives and partnerships, our executives and our performance with all external media – including newspapers, digital media, TV and radio, magazines and specialist ‘trade’ media. We work closely with our colleagues in the marketing, social media, 4Creative and Corporate Relations teams to make sure that we have the biggest and most impactful campaigns possible.

There are three teams within the department: Corporate and Commercial – which looks after corporate reputation, promotes our business strategy, innovations and performance; Content and Programmes – running proactive ‘earned’ media campaigns for our biggest programmes across all our channels and service; and Pictures – commissioning and creating images for Channel 4’s programmes and corporate initiatives.

We’re a fun and energetic team, always looking for new and innovative ways of reaching our audience, and made up of people from a range of career backgrounds and walks of life. Each year we run campaigns for around 200 programmes, from the very biggest things like The Great British Bake Off, The Paralympics, The Jump or Humans through to one-off documentaries, current affairs programmes and debates.

In common with the whole business, we work on a partnership basis, providing media advice and counsel to our executives, our on-screen talent and our partners in independent production companies, advertising agencies and many more. And when there’s a big media issue (which when you have a remit to be take risks and stimulate debate, can happen often), we’re there to help make sure it is managed and that both Channel 4 and our partners’ reputations are protected.

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