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Marketing and Viewer Experience

Marketing and Viewer Experience

Marketing and Viewer Experience

Marketing and Viewer Experience is responsible for leading a coherent brand strategy for our network of channels and services including Channel 4, E4, Film4, More4 and Channel 4 streaming; prioritising, planning and implementing all of Channel 4’s marketing campaigns using a mixture of paid (e.g. digital, social media, posters, radio, print) and owned media (our own airtime and instream on Channel 4)

The Marketing and Viewer Experience department also comprises the Media Planning and Continuity Teams. The marketing function sits within the wider Marketing, Creative and Digital Group which includes 4creative and 4Studio.

The creativity and innovation of Channel 4’s marketing campaigns is widely acknowledged and richly awarded. Work, including The Paralympics, means its trophy cabinet continues to dazzle. The edited highlights include second place as Campaign Magazine’s Advertiser of the Decade in 2019, Marketing Society’s Brand of the Year in 2016, as well as Creative Team of the Year by Promax UK in 2018 and winning Creative Channel of the Year in 2019.

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Employee profiles

Image of Alan Moss

Alan Moss - Marketing Lead for E4, Entertainment and Factual Entertainment

I work in the Marketing & Viewer Experience team, leading marketing campaigns for programmes like Bake Off, Married At First Sight and Taskmaster. I’ve worked at Channel 4 since 2012 and always wanted to work at the company, inspired by the fact it makes genuine change and brings different perspectives and stories to the mainstream in an entertaining way. I love working here because as a workplace, Channel 4 enables and encourages me to be my true self.

Image of Simi Murthy

Simi Murthy - Brand Marketing Lead

I’m so excited to be working at Channel 4, having wanted to work here for many years. The biggest thing I’ve noticed about Channel 4 is how open and friendly everyone is; their passion for the brand and content is truly infectious. I have worked in organisations before that I haven’t felt able to be true to myself and I really believe Channel 4 lets me be me, and wants to hear my opinion. The brand is built on celebrating difference and challenging the status quo and that is so important to me in terms of an employer.

Image of Richard Kattan

Richard Kattan - Media Planning Manager

I work in Marketing and Viewer Experience, overseeing the strategic and creative planning of our Continuity inventory. Growing up, I always wanted to for work Channel 4 because it was the irreverent, cool channel, but mainly because it best reflected the culturally diverse and inclusive perspectives of my mixed race upbringing. I started here in September 2012, just as the London Paralympics was kicking off. The Meet the Superhumans campaign was everywhere and I’ll never forget the jubilant energy around the building; I immediately knew I was in the right place. That buzz perfectly reflects the culture at Channel 4. The people who work here are super proud and passionate about celebrating and championing difference through our output.


Image of Kate Clayton

Kate Clayton - Paralympics Executive

I am the Paralympics Executive at Channel 4, overseeing corporate, communications and brand activity in the Marketing team. I joined in 2013 following Channel 4’s phenomenal broadcast of the London 2012 Paralympics, which changed the face of broadcasting Paralympic sport and challenged public attitudes to disability.

Collaboration across departments is key and there is a real buzz at Channel 4 with people proud to work in their roles, producing award-winning telly and campaigns. I believe Channel 4 is one of the most progressive and inclusive employers in the UK. Our Paralympics broadcasting and campaigns celebrate diversity and we educate other broadcasters around the world. The way we approach the Games is a real celebration of disability and no-one does it better.