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Content Management

Content Management

Content Management

Thanks to Content Management there is always something to see and our viewers know where they can see it. It’s a business-critical department that fulfils a fundamental role. Without it, our portfolio of programmes wouldn’t transmit, screens would be blank and listings would be empty.

Content is full of opportunities. Lean and focused, it operates in a fast-paced environment where anything can happen. And when it does, it responds with speed, agility and accuracy. It collaborates with a wide range of partners, including commissioning and channel management to Ericsson Broadcast Media Services (BMS) and production companies. It’s responsible for supporting content delivery across all scheduled and on-demand services, as well as our listings. This is how the department breaks down:


This is where our daily transmission schedules take shape for Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4 and 4Seven. Every stage in their development requires flawless attention to detail to ensure both accuracy and compliance with editorial and legal requirements. The end result is the product of hard work and imagination.

Programme management

Ensuring the right content is ready for transmission happens here. This department works closely with the channel and in conjunction with Ericsson BMS.

Duty Desk

Our Duty Editors work extended hours and weekend shifts to ensure our programmes are delivered in line with our schedule. They troubleshoot on broadcast-related issues and put contingencies in place for everything from live events, late delivery of material, to breakdowns and legal issues.

Access Services

Accessibility is a key part of our public service remit. Access Services ensures our programmes reach as wide an audience as possible by providing everything from subtitles and audio description to in-vision signing.


TV listings and EPG guides for all Channel 4 channels are dealt with here. This includes everything from creating programme pages for to writing, collating, editing and publishing synopses for VoD.

VoD operations

This team is responsible for the operational fulfilment of all content available on All 4. They troubleshoot any issues fed back by the platform, the public or the channel itself. These issues could be technical, delivery or appearance-related.

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