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Strategy & Consumer Insight

Strategy & Consumer Insight

Strategy & Consumer Insight

The whole reason C4 exists is to challenge, entertain, educate and surprise our audience. This means we need to know who they are, how they think and what interests them. Strategy & Consumer Insight makes sure we have this information at our fingertips to inform our creative output and underpin our commercial sustainability.

We’re also a public service broadcaster with a wide-ranging remit to fulfil. This means we have close working relationships with Government, Parliament, regulators and numerous stakeholders, both political and corporate. These relationships are managed by Corporate Relations.

Where should we go next? How can we get there? Which is the better path? What are the likely obstacles we’ll encounter? Who needs to do what? Strategy answers the big questions we ask ourselves as an organisation and shows us the way.

From the big picture vision to the finer points in the detail, everything and anything to do with the direction of our business comes under Strategy’s remit. It takes the lead. It thinks ahead. It formulates a plan. Strategy turns tough decisions into the right decisions.

It supports the Board, Executive Team and wider business with information and analysis on a host of issues. Strategy looks outward to spot potential opportunities or risks on the horizon and reports back to ensure everyone is prepared for whatever they find.

They are here to challenge assumptions; to play devil’s advocate; to stimulate debate. Their insights ensure every department works in harmony and is geared up to achieve its own goals, as well as contributing the momentum to ensure we achieves ours. It applies a strategic and commercial lens to situations; simplifying complex problems, processes and projects into their component parts so they can be comprehensively explored and evaluated.


Consumer Insights
Our relationship with our audience lies at the very heart of our organisation. We pride ourselves on making sure it is deeper, richer and more productive than that of any other broadcaster. We work hard to understand their attitudes; we study their habits and behaviours. What we learn from this is the starting point for so much of what we do. It informs the thinking behind our commissioning strategy, so we can show them not only what they want to see but what they need to see.

Audience insight is also important from a commercial viewpoint. It means we’re better able to tell advertisers who they are talking to. Our Advertising Research & Development team provides vital support to our Sales team. Their mission is to ‘understand consumers for the benefit of our advertisers, through expert insight and award-winning innovation’. This enables them to maximise our revenues from every airtime opportunity. Spot revenue; sponsorship; product placement; first-party data; and new product development are all driven from here.

Data Science has transformed our ability to paint a picture of what our audience looks like.

Our Data Planning & Analytics team builds the innovative tools that allow us to provide a more personalised service to our audience. Machine learning tools allow us to infer their likes and interests, deliver relevant content straight to their devices and help our advertisers reach consumers who are more likely to be interested in their products.

Then there’s our Audience Research & Insight team. They make sure our audience’s voice is heard in everything from Commissioning and Scheduling to Marketing and Strategy. This involves looking at viewing data, both on our TV channels and our on-demand service All 4, as well as on all our competitors' channels. They also help commissioners develop programme ideas and pilots, and help our schedulers determine the best way to schedule our programmes on each channel. They also work very closely with our marketing teams to ensure we understand how our audience thinks about our channel brands and ALL4.


Corporate Relations
We’re a public service broadcaster with a wide-ranging remit to fulfil. This means we have close working relationships with Government, Parliament, regulators and numerous stakeholders, both political and corporate. These relationships are managed by Corporate Relations.

Keeping the relevant interested parties informed and updated about what we are doing happens here. This could involve anything that underpins our unique remit and model, from a major upcoming programme to an important new initiative. In addition to this outward facing role, this key department provides advice and guidance to senior management. This helps to ensure that all decisions regarding policy and regulation are made in our best interests and in line with our public service remit.

Working here means getting involved in all the biggest issues facing the organisation and influencing how we respond to those issues both externally and internally. There is a genuine breadth of experience on offer too; be it working on key events, like our annual Diversity Lecture, which has been fronted by Riz Ahmed and Idris Elba; drafting important external publications; putting our programmes forward for BAFTA's; meeting with MPs; developing policy positions and communicating all of the great stuff going on at Channel 4 to our staff.

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Employee profiles

Image of Sophie

Sophia Field - Research Manager

I work in the Advertising, Research & Development team, which is part of a wider insight department at Channel 4. In short, the research we do supports the sales team in bringing money in the door to make great programmes! I’ve always loved Channel 4, it’s so iconic and the ethos and purpose of Channel 4 is so aligned with what I care most about. I started working here in 2014, seven years ago. Time does fly when you’re having fun! Not a day goes past where I don’t have a real laugh with colleagues, and I feel really lucky to have those relationships. I also love that we are encouraged to support one another. We are all human and having a team of people who are empathetic and supportive makes it such a warm place to work.

Image of Charlotte

Charlotte Cory - Senior Research Executive

I’ve been working at Channel 4 for five years, having started here as an apprentice. I love helping people and feeling like I’m able to make a difference. In my role I love that I can bring to life what consumers are thinking and feeling, whilst also being able to work with many great people and know that I’m supporting the wider Channel 4 business. Inclusivity is at the heart of what Channel 4 does through our inspiring remit, it’s something we all feel very passionately about here and what makes it such a special place to work! You are empowered to come up with new ideas and approach challenges differently; this is really fulfilling and contributes to the collaborative culture here.

Image of Stephen Lynch

Stephen Lynch - Public Affairs Manager

I joined the Channel as I believed I could make a difference here. I am constantly learning how we can tell our story in a more engaging way, and feel very proud and grateful to be able to represent Channel 4 externally. I like how friendly the people are and how dedicated everyone is to what they are doing. There are so many positive things happening in the organisation, especially the tremendous amount of support for staff. There is an enjoyable, inclusive and productive environment for each individual, so we are able to bring our best, authentic self to work each day.

Image of Lucy

Lucy Antoniou - Community and Research Manager

I joined Channel 4 in 2010 and it was my first role in the wonderful world of research – and where else to start than the best broadcaster there is?! I’d always loved TV and film and having decided not to go to Uni, I jumped at the chance when I saw an entry level role become available. What I enjoy most about working at Channel 4 is The people behind the channel – everyone is so creative, passionate and take their work seriously… but don’t forget to have a bunch of fun while we’re at it! There is plenty of freedom to try new ideas, challenge existing ways of doing things and there is also a lot of trust.