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Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights

The whole reason C4 exists is to challenge, entertain, educate and surprise our audience. This means we need to know who they are, how they think and what interests them. Consumer Insight makes sure we have this information at our fingertips to inform our creative output and underpin our commercial sustainability.

Our relationship with our audience lies at the very heart of our organisation. We pride ourselves on making sure it is deeper, richer and more productive than that of any other broadcaster. We work hard to understand their attitudes; we study their habits and behaviours. What we learn from this is the starting point for so much of what we do. It informs the thinking behind our commissioning strategy, so we can show them not only what they want to see but what they need to see.

Audience insight is also important from a commercial viewpoint. It means we’re better able to tell advertisers who they are talking to. Our Advertising Research & Development team provides vital support to our Sales team. Their mission is to ‘understand consumers for the benefit of our advertisers, through expert insight and award-winning innovation’. This enables them to maximise our revenues from every airtime opportunity. Spot revenue; sponsorship; product placement; first-party data; and new product development are all driven from here.

Data science has transformed our ability to paint a picture of what our audience looks like.

Our Data Planning & Analytics team builds the innovative tools that allow us to provide a more personalised service to our audience. Machine learning tools allow us to infer their likes and interests, deliver relevant content straight to their devices and help our advertisers reach consumers who are more likely to be interested in their products.

Then there’s our Audience Research & Insight team. They make sure our audience’s voice is heard in everything from Commissioning and Scheduling to Marketing and Strategy. This involves looking at viewing data, both on our TV channels and our on-demand service All 4, as well as on all our competitors' channels. They also help commissioners develop programme ideas and pilots, and help our schedulers determine the best way to schedule our programmes on each channel. They also work very closely with our marketing teams to ensure we understand how our audience thinks about our channel brands and ALL4.

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