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Driving viewers to watch Channel 4’s programmes; stimulating debate around our content; developing and protecting the reputation of the Channel 4 brand; making our presenters and the next generation of on- and off-screen talent known across the UK; amplifying the innovative work of our sales, commercial and marketing teams; creating industry-leading events… these are just a few of the key roles that the Communications team plays at Channel 4.

We generate and shape coverage for Channel 4’s content, our talent and executives, our corporate reputation and performance, as well as our corporate/commercial initiatives and partnerships, in all external media – including digital media, newspapers, TV and radio, magazines and specialist ‘trade’ media.

We smash silos, working closely with our colleagues right across the whole business to make sure that we have the biggest and most impactful campaigns possible.

There are three teams within the department:

  • Content and Programme PR: Generates reputation and viewer-driving PR coverage for Channel 4’s content, channel and services, and also protects and grows the reputation of our shows and talent
  • Corporate PR: Drives proactive corporate PR to support Channel 4’s corporate and commercial initiatives and people, and protects our corporate reputation
  • Corporate Brand & Events: Works across Channel 4 to deliver strong, compelling and consistent corporate brand messaging and events for all of our stakeholders

We’re a fun and energetic team, made up of people from a range of career backgrounds and walks of life and we’re always looking for new and innovative ways of reaching viewers and stakeholders. We run campaigns for around 200 programmes every year – ranging from the very biggest programmes like The Great British Bake Off, The Paralympic Games, It’s a Sin or Gogglebox, through to one-off documentaries, current affairs programmes and debates.

We work on a partnership basis, providing media advice and counsel to our executives, our on- and off-screen talent, indie partners, advertising agencies and others. And when there’s a big media issue (which, when you have a remit to take risks and challenge, can happen often), we’re there to help make sure it’s managed effectively and that both Channel 4 and our partners’ reputations are protected.

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Employee profiles

Jessica Culshaw

Jessica Culshaw - Group Publicity Manager

I joined Channel 4 in January 2018 as a Publicity Manager in the factual team because my background was in news and current affairs at the BBC. However,  I’ve always had a keen interest in the digital side of things and moved into the newly created role of Group Publicity Manager for E4, Channel 4 streaming and Digital in June 2019. I oversee all press and publicity across our youth focused content, including E4, Channel 4 and our digital original commissions, as well as working across the press and publicity team’s influencer and digital work.

What really struck me when I first joined C4 was how friendly and open everyone is across all the teams. There is a real focus on collaborative working and everyone’s opinion is important and valued. That doesn’t happen everywhere, and I’ve certainly been in situations in previous organisations where I, as a young less experienced women in a male dominated room, did not feel heard.

There is a clear feeling at C4 that bringing many different experiences to the table and allowing everyone to feel comfortable in expressing their ideas is when the best most creative ideas are produced.

Tom Watts

Tom Watts - Press Assistant

I started working at Channel 4 in February 2020. I have always wanted to work in television, and Channel 4 always had the most creative and inventive output, in my mind. I loved that they were willing to take risks with their programming and felt it would be a fun place to work.  

I was nervous when I first started at Channel 4, as this was a completely new industry for me. I’d also just moved to the capital, so was feeling especially out of sorts! However, as soon as I met my colleagues, all my anxiety was relieved. It was like joining a big family. They made me feel welcome and included me instantly. It almost felt like I’d been working here for years, and they helped me get up to speed. I think, in hindsight, it was the best first day I’ve ever had!

I love being able to see a programme develop, from an initial idea, through to filming, to seeing the audience’s reaction. Because Channel 4 produces a lot of programmes other broadcasters may not, I really enjoy being a part of this process. In my role at Channel 4, I also get to work with different people – journalists, commissioners, production companies and influencers. Being able to communicate, and manage expectations is part of the fun of this role and working at Channel 4 has allowed me to do that.

There seems to be an openness at Channel 4 that doesn’t really exist in other companies. I can speak to my manager about any issues or concerns, and we can have an honest and open discussion. A lot of your colleagues also end up feeling like friends, as you feel you can really trust them.