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All 4

All 4

We want our on-demand platform to be the best, most relevant and engaging in the UK. This is the job of All4. They help to ensure we’re at the forefront of technology and adapt to our meet our audience’s needs and expectations.

For All 4 to succeed, lots of elements need to come together – from product design and editorial proposition, to compelling press and marketing, and a commercial approach that balances business needs with viewer experience. Working collaboratively with departments from around the business is essential here. It’s about sharing experience and embracing change in an ever-changing world.

There are three core teams that make up the department:

The Product team oversees the design and delivery of All 4 on the web and across our mobile, console and big screen apps. They decide what platforms we should be on and what features we should offer to ensure the best, most consistent viewer experience possible. They ensure All 4 is simple, easy-to-use and error free.

Editorial is responsible for bringing All 4 content and its sub-brands (e.g. Walter Presents) to life across all owned-and-operated platforms through smart curation, content strategy and audience targeting. This helps our viewers find what they’re looking for and discover content they didn’t know we had.

Then there’s Content Planning. They manage the schedule and delivery of all our shows. This sees them working with producers to ensure they are delivered on time and in a schedule that ensures we can meet our viewing and commercial targets.

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