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Indie Growth Fund

Indie Growth Fund

Indie Growth Fund

The Indie Growth Fund was launched in 2014 to provide additional support to the UK independent creative sector by providing access to funding for indies based in the UK to help them to grow and develop their business.

Since its inception, the fund has made 29 investments and there are now 18 companies in the portfolio, including: Big Deal Films, Candour Productions, Duck Soup, Eagle Eye, Firecrest Films, Five Mile Films, Freedom Scripted, Paper Entertainment, Parable, Proper Content, Rockerdale Studios, Salamanda Media, Spelthorne Community Television, Spirit Studios, Studio Crook, Two Rivers Media, Warp Films and Yeti Media.

With a mixture of both scripted and unscripted companies, the portfolio represents an exciting and diverse mix of UK production talent. From start-up companies to more established Indies with ambitious growth plans, the Indie Growth Fund is a strategic partner offering support, guidance and strategic advice to help grow the company towards an ultimate sale.

The Growth Fund is headed up by our Head of Indie Growth Fund Caroline Murphy and reports in to an Advisory Board chaired by Martin Baker, Channel 4’s Director of Commercial Affairs, which also includes Lorraine Heggessey, Tracy Forsyth and Andrew Sheldon as Creative Mentors.

Its future strategy is focused on investing in companies in the Nations and Regions as well as interesting digital and diverse businesses across the UK.

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Employee profiles

Caroline Percy

Caroline Percy - Senior Portfolio Manager

I work as part of Channel 4's Indie Growth Fund, concerned with investing in TV/Digital production companies. I had heard about the fund whenever investments were made and announced in the press and I always thought that it would be a dream job. I was thrilled when a role became available! I enjoy talking to company founders about their companies and their future ambitions to grow their business; my role is to help them achieve their ambitions. When I moved up to Leeds in January 2020 everyone was so welcoming and it felt like we were creating something new and exciting.  I’m originally from the Midlands so the thought that new people in the industry can have a good career in the Media world without having to make the move to London is quite heart-warming.