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Clear. Distinctive. Engaging. Imaginative. This is how we always aim to project our voice and remain true to our values. 4creative is our in-house agency that translates this goal into award-winning output.

4creative forms a core part of our Marketing and Communications division. About 40 people work here, writing and producing risky, innovative and culturally relevant materials for Channel 4 brands and services. It’s home to creatives, directors, producers, designers, business directors and a host of other people. Together with Marketing, they are our brand guardians.

Their creative handiwork comes to life in our advertising campaigns and the branding for our portfolio of channels. It’s through them that we speak to our audience. They make sure we sound authentic, and what we have to say inspires people to look, learn and listen.

Designing logos, creating our on-screen presence and brand content, or working on specific programme promotions all happen here. We rely on 4Creative to bring our brand to life. Often in award-winning ways. Prestigious wins for 2017 include two D&AD black pencils for Paralympics ‘We’re The Superhumans’, which also scooped British Arrow’s Commercial of the Year. They were also recognised with the Creative Circle President’s Award and Champions of Creativity.

It’s a relatively small team. So expect your contribution to be recognised because we’ll expect it to count – whether this eventually ends up on screen, in print or online. The emphasis here is on being inclusive; everyone is welcome and everyone’s opinion counts. It’s all about having great ideas and executing them with talent, enthusiasm and skill.

There’s always something exciting going on here. So innovative-thinking team players who aren’t afraid of hard work will thrive. Your potential will be nurtured and there’ll be unlimited opportunities for you to explore it.

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