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4Studio is the engine room for C4’s digital acceleration strategy, with the mission to create, adapt and distribute content across social media channels.

In non-corporate spiel, 4Studio is focused on making and publishing content for social audiences, and ensuring that there’s strategy behind every creative idea and individual post to ensure it finds the biggest, most relevant audience possible.

We’ve been built from the ground up to embody everything that makes Channel 4 great – risk-taking, innovation, and creative excellence aimed solely at engaging and representing young, diverse audience.

4Studio is objectively the most exciting, innovative, intelligent, fun, creative and gorgeous team at C4 (but don’t tell the others we said that).

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Employee profiles


Enzo Jan Fusco - 4Studio Team Assistant

I’ve always had a passion for media and TV, and Channel 4 is something I’ve grown up with so it was an honour when this opportunity arose, especially to be up north too. I am 4Studio’s PA, creative thinker, knowledge holder, and general sorter outer. The main bulk of my responsibilities are to look after the Head of 4Studio as well as our Social Lead and Digital Content Director, but I also provide support to the wider department. It has been amazing to be a part of 4Studio since it’s inception and been able to build and grow a wonderful department.

Growing up as young gay man, there was never many other Channels that showcased relevant content about how I was feeling or my experiences, and Channel 4 certainly set boundaries with such programmes like Queer as Folk and Sugar Rush. Seeing those programmes made me feel like I wasn’t alone out there, and other people were going through what I was going through. I love how diverse and inclusive C4 is as a whole. It’s a place where all ideas are welcome, and any feedback is taken into consideration and acted upon.


Drea Chambers - Junior Video Editor

I started working for Channel 4 last year. My first day was the first day of lockdown 1! I’ve always wanted to work for Channel 4 since a very young age. They were the broadcaster that not only ignited my desire to be a filmmaker but also helped me understand my place in this world as a queer individual; the culture at Channel 4 has made me feel confident to begin my gender social transition. It’s an honour to be working for a broadcaster that champions the voices and talents of communities that are marginalised in the wider society. Inclusion is the fire that keeps the engine running at the broadcaster, and without inclusion, there would be no Channel 4.

Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell - Digital Producer

I started at Channel 4 in December 2020. I have always been a fan of Channel 4's programming, and having worked with ITV and BBC on their socials, the prospect of 4Studios was really exciting; I loved the idea of supporting linear TV shows as well as the prospect of digital originals. What I enjoy most about working at Channel 4 is knowing that everything we’re making has a purpose. We know who are audiences are, we know what they want and we know how to cater to them on socials. At Channel 4 I love that I can be myself; our team is a real beacon of celebrating difference and everyone is given their time to shine, as well as the support and encouragement to thrive.

Michael Sheridan

Michael Sheridan - Junior Video Editor

Before joining Channel 4 in 2021, I worked in digital teams at Netflix, The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), Manchester International Festival, the BBC and more. I love editing, constructing a story and developing ideas and then seeing them through to fruition. What attracted me to Channel 4 was its remit to be inclusive and difference. Being part of the LGBTQ+ community, I'm passionate about making change and having social impact, which I believe I contribute to by working here. I love that the people at Channel 4 are open to new ideas; if you are passionate about something, you can find the right person to discuss it with.