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Our vision as Technology is to inspire the company in the art of the possible. We are charged with development and execution of the Technology Strategy underpinned by the Channel’s Future4 strategy. The day to day activities of the group include the change delivery of business aligned systems, and processes, and the foundational provision of secure, efficient, and high-quality IT and Broadcast platforms and services.

Our key strategic objectives are:

  • Customer Centricity, delivering on our viewer commitments as a PSB and our commercial commitments to advertisers and other clients
  • Modernisation, ensuring we are future proofing our technology estate
  • Enabling growth through agility, to support core and diversified revenue streams
  • Operational Excellence, ensuring the delivery of secure, high quality and reliable enterprise and end-user services

We encourage our people to be curious, agile and collaborative, and promote inclusivity, innovation and experimentation within and between teams. With this comes a layer of robust governance ensuring that we adhere to clear and effective procedures and policies, and take a balanced view of risk across our initiatives.

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Employee profiles

Image of Amir

Amir Aryanpour - Solution Architect

I am a Lead Solution Architect at Channel 4. Unlike other companies, all the new joiners of Channel 4 (including me) went through the induction on the very same day. This means I had started with colleagues from other departments like Finance or Legal, and promptly felt part of the “Channel 4 family”.

Channel 4 provides a dynamic environment and in the IT world, where I belong to, that is a blessing. I am at the forefront of efforts to revolutionise the technology of the over-the-air TV broadcasting and advertising landscape and no two days are the same. As a team, we work together, we think together, we make decisions together, we go through the pain together and we celebrate together. We even exercise together, and for me that is running with my colleagues by the Thames!

Image of Poonam

Poonam Shah - Executive Assistant

I'm an Executive Assistant in the Technology department, having joined Channel 4 fifteen years ago as a Team Assistant on a six months contract. I still remember the excitement I felt walking beneath the iconic 4 and attending the induction in our cinema. A feeling of pride still resonates with me to date.

Channel 4 is made up of the most kind, talented and generous people and being the engagement lead for our department, I get to work on so many projects and initiatives which are challenging and fulfilling.

Being bold, being different and having an alternative voice is perhaps what I am most proud about at Channel 4. Internally, we have a similar ethos. We are encouraged to have a voice, put our ideas forward and get involved collectively on things that matter.

Your favourite perks at 4, I hear you ask? Our Christmas and summer parties are legendary, we get our birthday day off as well as extra days off over Christmas, and you are bound to bump into famous faces time to time!

Image of Sue Farrell

Sue Farrell - Broadcast Engineering Manager

As Channel 4’s Broadcast Engineering Manager, I lead a technical team working with our partners to specify and deliver our on-air services. I began my career in broadcasting twenty years ago after working as a research scientist. I enjoy analysing complex problems and coming up with creative solutions that benefit our millions of viewers.

I’ve always admired Channel 4 as an organisation and enjoyed its programming as a viewer, so I was pleased to join at a time of tremendous technology transformation. I love the principles and priorities of Channel 4 and its commitment to representing unheard voices and using entertainment to inspire change. Being part of a diverse team, pulling together to deliver on this purpose is really satisfying. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, if you have the right skills and experience to do your job, you are both welcomed and welcome to be yourself.

Image of Claire Penswick

Claire Penswick - Quality Assurance Delivery Lead

I joined Channel 4 in April 2020 during the first Covid Lockdown, which was a very well organised experience; I was well supported and have been working remotely ever since! The workplace culture is open, fun, diverse and collaborative. I am very proud to work for Channel 4 and of the work that we do.