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From board-level decision making to managing third-party relations, the influence of the finance team can be found everywhere. In fact, there isn’t a single part of our business that it does not touch. A role in finance means you’ll be involved at the very beginning of every new development within the business.

Our finance team prides itself on its incisive financial insight. It helps us to develop the strategies that deliver the best possible results for the business and meet wide-ranging ranging company objectives. They are true business partners. Always supportive, they challenge us when the need arises, while providing rock-solid financial planning, as well as strong financial governance and controls.

The team manages the finances of a company with a £1billion turnover and is well-equipped to deal with the demands of this challenge. Currently, the emphasis is on creating efficiencies so there is less need to focus on reporting and more opportunity to concentrate on more targeted insight. This means introducing more agile ways of working and innovative technologies. These will allow for an increasingly proactive and dynamic finance function that is well placed to facilitate where the business wants to go next.

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Employee profiles

Image of Kari

Kari Patel - Management Accountant

I work in 4Finance (Marketing and Viewer Experience). It has been a wonderful couple of years at Channel 4; everyone is extremely positive, creative, and welcoming. For me being inclusive is not only about diversity but its about giving everyone an equal opportunity to be heard and I believe Channel 4 does this impeccably.


Kam Kular - Senior Internal Audit Manager

I work in Business Assurance. I joined during lockdown so have yet to actually meet anyone in person! Channel 4 is truly an amazing place to work, everyone is super friendly and it’s the first organisation I’ve worked at where inclusion and diversity is celebrated and at the heart of everything we do.