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Commercial Affairs

Commercial Affairs

Commercial Affairs

If there are ‘i’s to be dotted and ‘t’s to be crossed, Commercial Affairs is here to do it. In triplicate. Anything concerning Business Affairs, Production Finance and Legal is dealt with here, whether that’s negotiating contracts or dealing with the small print side of commissions.

Commercial Affairs
Commercial Affairs is big on detail where it matters. It’s here to make sure everything we do, or is done in our name is done properly. This means supporting our subsidiaries and joint ventures, as well as the main channel.

The Rights Department focuses on clearing programmes; programme support materials; online commissions; trailers; and interstitial materials. It manages talent agreements; royalty collection and payments; copyright deals; the acquisition of programme rights outside terms of trade; and the flow of programme rights into Channel 4 services and businesses. Looking after the many information and reporting systems that support these activities also falls within its remit.


Legal & Compliance
An organisation like ours requires expert advice on a broad range of issues, from media law and editorial ethics to regulatory compliance. Can we do it? Should we do it? And if we do do it, how should it be done? These are just some of the questions that our award-winning Legal & Compliance Team is called upon to answer.

The Channel 4 Legal & Compliance department is renowned in the industry for providing clear, robust and enabling advice to independent producers, commissioning editors and the Channel’s Executive Team and Board of Directors.

All content-related legal and compliance issues, whether it’s in the making and broadcast of programmes or publishing of content on Channel 4 platforms, are dealt with here. They guide us on editorial ethics and best practice. When we want to take a risk, they enable our commissioning and production teams to deliver. It’s thanks to them that we’ve been able to create and broadcast some of our most challenging and inspiring content. Our ability to deliver against our remit to innovate, reflect diversity, inspire change and champion alternative points of view is underpinned by the sheer depth, breadth and quality of their expertise.

It is against the backdrop of the guidelines and protocols drawn up by Legal and Compliance that programmes and series are made. They train our own internal staff and support independent production companies in their endeavours. They fight our corner when the need arises and defend our point of view; they lobby to protect our interests in the face of legal and regulatory changes.

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Employee profiles

Image of Fiona McAllister

Fiona McAllister - Senior Lawyer

I'm one of the lawyers in the Legal and Compliance team. We advise on legal, compliance, ethical and reputational issues, doing our best to enable bold, creative risks and overcome the obstacles along the way - ideally without anyone going to jail and avoiding paying damages or Ofcom revoking the Channel’s licence!

I started with the Channel in 2019 after twelve years in private practice where I worked both for and against the media at times. I wanted to join the Channel as I believe in its public service remit, particularly in challenging established views and championing unheard voices. Freedom of expression is important to ensure people are empowered to discuss and debate ideas and share important information, as well as hold the powerful to account. Channel 4 also does a great job of celebrating differences offscreen, particularly with the staff networks.


Image of Jay Tait

Jay Tait - Compliance Editor

I work for the Channel 4 Legal & Compliance team… but I’m also bit of grungy punk who’s into loud shouty music, so there’s that. I love it at Channel 4! We are passionate about what we do, we all care about each other and we want you to be your genuine self here too! We accept and embrace everyone’s differences, understanding that the world would be such a boring place if everyone was similar.

Image of Amelia Wilson

Amelia Wilson - Lawyer

I'm a Lawyer in the Legal and Compliance team. Channel 4 is a place that values difference, allows you to be yourself and makes incredible thought- provoking, but entertaining programmes. The best part though are the people, we have a genuine affection for one another and that makes us an amazing team. #C4family

Image of Luke

Luke Cavalli - Compliance Editor

I started my Channel 4 journey back in 2018 as an apprentice in the Factual team, left for a year and then returned in 2020. Can’t keep me away! Channel 4 is an amazing place to work, made even better by the people.